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Let your body heal and be nurtured by Raya’s Garden Clearly Bold Beard oil.

Handmade with natural herbal ingredients that moisturise your skin and strengthen your hair. The herbs  encourage healthy hair growth and the removal of dandruff and flakes. Watch as it gradually nurtures your facial skin. The vitamin E also helps in the healing process. 


Beard oil that resonates with your Solar Plexus infusing your energy with clarity and strength!

How to Reach Your Zen? 

Apply onto clean skin & facial hair. Massage oil into skin on chin and jawline. Apply to the rest of the beard hair as desired.

Inhale the aroma as you apply the beard oil. Let your mind, body, and soul receive clarity and strength! Take on the strength. 

As you apply the oil, repeat the affirmation;

“I am Clear. I am Bold”.

Relish in your power!