Face Mist  Beautiful Ease

Face Mist Beautiful Ease

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Go on a healing journey with Raya’s Garden Beautiful Ease Face Mist. 

Handmade with natural ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed.The natural rose water helps in the reduction of redness on the face and will gradually bring a glow to your skin. 

The vitamin E also helps in reducing the visibility of marks and skin issues all around!  


The face mist infuses your mind and energy bodies with ease and love. As it hits your face your aura will have an energy cleanse that will ease your energy into balance and love.

Hold face mist 15 cm away from your face, close eyes, and spray up to 4 times. 

As the mist is absorbed by your physical body, your energy bodies are also being replenished with rose water which gives you ease and love. 

Repeat the affirmation;

I am beautiful inside and out. I am love. 

Relish in your power!



Aqua Rosae Fortior, Alpha -tocopherol


Store in a dry place at room temperature.