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Rejuvenate your energy and skin cells through new vibrations with Raya’s Garden Vibrant Tattoo Butter.

Handmade with natural herbal ingredients that moisturise and rejuvenate your skin cells, leaving your ink looking fresh and vibrant! The vitamin E. nurtures your skin leaving it smooth and glowing!


Holistic tattoo butter that boosts energy bodies, increasing their vibrations and healing capabilities. 

How to Reach Your Zen?

Massage a modest amount of  balm onto clean tattooed skin(A little goes a long way!).  Let it fully absorb. Allow your energy bodies receive positive energy and vibrate at their highest potential! 


As you apply the tattoo butter, repeat the affirmation;

“I am vibrant!”

Relish in your power!


Only use on totally cured tattoos, as the product should not be used on an open wound or bleeding skin.